Friday, 07 January 2022

The ultimate guide to get you through a transfer pricing audit

Did you or your company recently have to deal with a transfer pricing audit? If not, there is a good chance you will be faced with one soon. The number of transfer pricing audits (TP audits) has increased in recent years and the Special Tax Inspectors (BBI/ISI), like real “fraud hunters”, are paying more and more attention to this matter.

The tax inspectors tend to deviate from the audits in other tax matters, often putting more focus on the economic side rather than on the procedural/juridical aspects. That is why Tiberghien and Tiberghien economics joined forces. Together, we guide you through this process from start to finish in the most effective and efficient way. You can be confident of not sharing too much or tax irrelevant information with them. We will make sure to remind the tax inspectors of their legal tax investigation powers.

To get you a started, we have created a new website: This ultimate guide provides you with an overview of all typical and possible (next) steps of the TP audit process as well as recommendations to prepare for a TP audit.

Visit to get a head start.